We are going to continue the porch parties in August with 2 a week on Mondays (at the Bartlett’s) & Wednesdays (at my house 2351 Tulsa Rd), still 7:00-8:30pm. If it is raining we’ll meet at the pavilion by Southern Hills. We will turn Monday nights into a middle school group & Wednesdays will be for high schoolers. The way our groups have been shaping up, this seems like the best way to foster conversation with all those present.
Guitar Club: We are starting a guitar club for youth & adults of all skill levels that will meet in the youth room at Southern Hills. We’ll wear masks, stay distanced, & keep the group at 10 people (we can do more than one time if needed). It will be a good chance to share music & tips, play some songs together, & we’ll encourage each other in prayer as well! This could be a great spot to invite a friend. Email or text Brain S at 8596845626 if interested & after we have a cohort of people we’ll work together to pick a day & time!