Hi everyone, We will be sending daily challenges through text & posting them on the Facebook & Instagram (follow shumy_lex) pages. We’ll read through the gospels, have a video to watch & an article to read or something to guide us in prayer. Below is our weekly schedule. Also follow our SHUMY YouTube page for the live & archived Snapshot videos on Sunday nights. Every zoom meeting will be on this link. Just click it to join & if you are using your phone download the Zoom app before our meeting time! https://zoom.us/j/8595393671


Click on the pictures below for the links to join these live meetings.

Bring some lunch or a snack. We’ll talk, share a short devotion, & pray for each other.

Join us for some fun time to hang out & play group games over Zoom.


snap large.001 Available Sundays on SHUMY Youtube Channel

Each week we’ll post a new video to YouTube  to share a devotional & remember what Jesus has done for us. Check below for the links to the old  videos. Subscribe to the page to get reminders on when we post a new video! Click the picture below to go to the SHUMY YouTube page.


Spend some time with God everyday by reading the Bible. It is the best way to get to know His heart and character. 

Want to dig deeper into the Bible and who God is?                                                       Here are links to the weekly sermons from some awesome churches.

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If you have a song you want us to sing for worship, you want to help lead a certain song, or you want to share a video of a song you really like let Brian know. Check here to see songs we’re singing or to see the videos we’ve shared!